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Every timeline reveals a story

At AutoNation, we’re committed to writing the next chapter in history.

2000 BC:

As civilizations formed empires, the earliest known spoke-wheel chariots are used.


In the same year Wilbur Wright makes his first flight in Europe, Henry Ford introduces the Model T.


The future of rock ‘n’ roll gets a boost when Blaupunkt introduces the first automotive FM radio.


Born in 1996 AutoNation was founded by H. Wayne Huizenga, an innovator and the only U.S. entrepreneur to found three Fortune 500 companies.


AutoNation partners with Waymo – the self-driving technology company – to support its autonomous vehicle program.


That’s up to you. Join us and you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the greatest automotive innovations of the 21st century.

If you have a passion, a belief, a view, and you think technology can make a difference, put yourself out there — and make it happen.
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